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All our products are now available on our Emelia Skroutz e-store. Skroutz is the biggest marketplace in Greece with an online presence in many countries around the world. We decided to offer our products for our customers outside Greece only via our store on Skroutz because it offers the best available rates for international shipping.

Emelia Skroutz - All our products available for shipping worldwide

Emelia Fine Foods is a Greek company founded in 2019 with the aim of offering  a unique sugar cane molasses, called Emelia Molasses. Our company then expanded by making products with Emelia molasses such as Raw energy bars with high nutritional value & peanut butter, and now also has a high quality tahini that is also Raw, Unheated and unprocessed with no additives or preservatives. Our basic principles, all our products are: 100% Natural, Unprocessed No additives or preservatives, No gluten or soy lecithin, Raw, Non GMO Suitable for Vegans, Diabetics, Children & Pregnant women. With unique flavors Above all products that take care of Man and his Health!


Emelia Skroutz products

Emelia Molasses – 100% pure sugarcane Molasses

Emelia Tahini – Raw, Unheated Tahini

Emelia Peanut Butter – Peanut butter from Greek peanuts with molasses Emelia

Granola Emelia – comes in 3 different variations (with cocoa, with peanut butter, with tahini)

Raw bars Emelia – in 3 different variations (with cocoa, with peanut butter, with tahini)


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