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About molasses Emelia

Is iron absorption affected when combined with dairy?

No it is not

Is Iron absorption enhanced when with vitamin C?

Yes, absorption is faster when combined with orange or lemon juice

What time of day is suitable for taking it?

Any time of the day. Ideally the first dose in the morning for stimulation from the beginning of the day

What is the daily dose?

2 tablespoons of soup is the minimum consumption for someone with low iron in the blood

How long does it take for someone with low iron to see a difference?

From the second month onwards, he will see a difference in prices. Immediate stimulation and energy from the moment he starts consuming it

Is it permitted for people with diabetes

Yes it is .

Is it suitable for babies

Yes it is in the same time they start eating solid food

What is its correspondence with sugar in a recipe?

In recipes where there is white granulated sugar, half the amount of Emelia molasses is needed

Her nutritional facts are affected by cooking

No there are not

Why you can't compare molasses Emelia with all molasses available in the market

Molasses Emelia is produced  from the concentrated juice of excellent quality sugar cane, with the old traditional recipe of centrifugation and melting, at a low temperature. It is not  biproduct of sugar , not  crushed and distilled  (Black strap) has not been processed.  This gives it the one-of-a-kind excellent taste, while preserving all the nutrients of the plant, which are necessary and fully absorbable by the body.

About Tahini Emelia

What does it means raw/unheated?

It has not been heat treated. It has not been roasted

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