Mollases Emelia


Mollases Emelia: The ultimate Super Food

⦿ Rich in Iron and Magnesium

⦿ Εliminates dark circles and paleness. 

⦿ Gives an immediate boost to the body.

⦿ Fully replaces sugar and stops sugar cravings.

⦿ Increases metabolic rate and fat burning.

⦿ Helps fight osteoporosis

100% pure sugar cane molasses


Particularly beneficial to:
athletes for high-performance,
students for intellectual performance,
hard-working heavy workers,
patients in recovery,
vegans annd people on a fast,
pregnant women and young children
healthy people for physical and mental well-being, natural stimulation and energy.


The 350g bottle covers the needs of the human body for a whole month.
Minimum recommended consumption, 2tbsp per day, the first one preferably in the morning hours. 

Recommened by doctors.

Also available in a 10kg package