EMELIA contains the following nutrients:

 Prevents hematological issues, raises hematocrit and ferritin levels, and due to its plant and not chemical origin, it does not burden the liver or kidneys at all.

Copper: Helps the body to absorb and use iron. It has antioxidant activity and protects cells from lesions caused by free radicals. It plays an important role in energy production, bone and elastin formation, melanin formation (skin pigment) and fatty acid oxidation.

Calcium: Works against osteoporosis and is necessary for the proper development of the skeleton and the proper functioning of the muscular and gastrointestinal systems. It acts as a cardiotonic agent, keeps the skin healthy and nourishes the nails.

Potassium: Important for the functioning of the heart, digestive system, and all tissues. It improves the performance of athletes and students.

Sodium: Regulates the amount of water in the body and prevents dehydration.

Magnesium: Prevents clots and cramps, balances hormonal activity and contributes to the body’s defense.

Chromium: Boosts the glucose tolerance factor (e.g. in people who are predisposed to diabetes), supports insulin functions and prevents hypoglycemia. It supports the action of enzymes responsible for the metabolism of glucose into energy. It helps with reducing high cholesterol levels by increasing good (HDL) cholesterol. It helps with increasing muscle mass in athletes.

Phosphorus: Necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.

Manganese: Involved in the basic functions of growth and reproduction.

Cobalt: Necessary for humans as an integral part of vitamin B12.

B complex vitamins, such as B1 thiamine, B2 riboflavin, B3 niacin and B6 pyridoxine.
It does not contain sulfur, gluten or soya lecithin. It is not a genetically modified product.