Molasses Emelia

Molasses Emelia Superfood

  • Due to its high iron content (11mg/100gr), it is beneficial and necessary for people with anemia or low hematocrit.
    Increases iron, ferritin and hematocrit values ​​without damaging the liver.
  • Eliminates the pallor of the face and the dark circles around the eyes (due to the lack of iron and potassium) with only 2 spoons daily, in 2 to 3 weeks
  • It offers immediate stimulation, reducing the feeling of fatigue.
  • Ideal for menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding, where the female body needs more iron and calcium.
  • It relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as headaches and fluid retention. Treats hair loss caused by iron deficiency, helps healthy hair growth, prevents graying.

*Minimum recommended consumption of two tablespoons per day or two sticks, preferably first thing in the morning. For maximum absorption of iron, it is recommended to combine it with foods rich in vitamin C such as orange juice. **Recommended by nutritionists and doctors!

Emelia as a sweetener

Το πιο Υγιεινό γλυκαντικό

Sugar cane has provided sugar since ancient times, before being supplanted by sugar beet in the early 19th century.
Emelia molasses is a primary derivative of sugar cane. It sweetens without the effects of white beet sugar, it is a natural and not a chemical sweetener, it does not come from genetically modified foods, it has a low glycemic index (50) in contrast to other sweeteners, such as maltodextrin (150), glucose (100), corn syrup (75), white sugar (65) but also honey (50-75), which means it has a slow metabolism ical release and does not spike blood sugar levels as much as the above carbohydrates.
It is the most suitable for confectionery, for sweets and pastries, such as bread, cakes, pretzels, bars, and for culinary use such as sweet and sour sauces, red sauces, marinades and salads. It combines perfectly with all recipes, improving the taste effect. It combines perfectly with juices, smoothies, tea, milk, yogurt, cereals, tahini, coffee. It is ideal for children, plain or mixed with their favorite products (cake or homemade hazelnut praline). It can be added to cocoa beans or cocoa for those who love chocolate. Tip: In the recipes, half the amount of molasses is required in relation to the corresponding amount of sugar indicated in the recipe.

“Prevention is better than cure” Hippocrates

Emelia on the diet

It is suitable for dieters because:

  • It is not fattening and does not create cellulite, because it contains natural sugars, which are completely absorbed by the body without being stored as fat. On the contrary, it increases the rate of metabolism, accelerates burning and thus contributes to the reduction of fat.
  • A single spoonful or a stick of Emelia satisfies our need for sweets in a natural way, immediately but also long-term, since it fills the body’s stores with the necessary glucose it needs, causes a feeling of satiety and satisfies our need for sweets in a natural way. So we crave less and less sugar, hypoglycemic attacks and the risk of obesity and the diseases it causes, such as diabetes, are reduced.

  • It can stop the desire for junk food. It causes a feeling of satiety.

  • It has 15 calories per teaspoon. 

**Experimental results presented at the Society for the Study of Eating Behavior (SSIB) in the United States show that supplementing with molasses extract can reduce weight, fat and regulate blood leptin levels. Additional studies have shown that consuming molasses leads to increased energy (calorie) excretion and increased gene expression for liver cell and fat cell biomarkers that control energy metabolism.

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