Tahini Emelia, Raw tahini

Tahini with its sesame oil

Unprocessed, untreated! Incredible flavor, exceptional quality.

An unparalleled flavor and high-quality product, on par with Emelia molasses!! Made solely from superior ground sesame seeds. Free from palm oil. Free from gluten and soy lecithin. No additional additives or preservatives. Abundant in calcium and iron!!!

When a food gathers so many nutrients and does so much good for health, it is rightly called a Superfood. Tahini is now one such food, just like molasses and molasses peanut butter. Its nutritional value is enormous, as tahini is a food, ideal for reducing cholesterol and has an antioxidant effect. Food for good health, provides the body with protein of high biological value Of course, it always matters which tahini, the way they are prepared, its authenticity, its quality, the raw material.

Tahini is essentially the ground sesame seed, which becomes a pulpy paste, with few calories. Sesame, in turn, is an oil seed, which is considered to be the oldest.

Tahini without palm oil

Ταχίνι Emelia

Tasty and healthy

Tahini is widely recommended for the large amount of calcium it contains, which is 426 mg per 100 g. Since the daily dose that humans need to stay healthy is 1000 mg, with 100 g of tahini we cover half of this need.  Apart from calcium, tahini also contains many other minerals and trace elements, while it is rich in fiber, good fatty acids and proteins. The differences in tahini lie in the quality of the sesame. The best sesame seeds come from Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia. Also, whether it’s roasted or raw. This, because the raw keeps all the properties. Finally, we check that it does not have added oils as well as flour.

Tahini contains a complex of B vitamins that help the nervous system, but also the health of hair and nails. (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid). With 17 g of vegetable protein, Emelia tahini is an ideal food for people who avoid meat or want to have a diet rich in protein. If combined with foods rich in lysine, such as legumes or nuts, the resulting protein is of high biological value and bioavailability, i.e. similar to the quality of animal proteins.


Tahini Emelia

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