Peanut butter with molasses Emelia


Raw Unrefined Peanut Butter, 100% Natural, Palm Oil Free


Nutrition facts per 100gr

 Energy 706 kcal 

Total Protein 21,7 

Total Fats 65,6 from which 

   Saturated fat 10,5 

   Unsaturated fat 55,1 

Total Hydrocarbon 7,1 

Total Sugars 6,1 

Salt 0,1 

 Ash 1,9 

Moisture 3,7 

Total edible fibers 5,6 

More info

The ultimate combination There is no comparable combination on the market, namely peanut butter with molasses.

When Greek peanut butter met Emelia molasses, an incredible tasty and healthy result was created.

A product full of protein, fiber, antioxidant minerals and trace elements will give you energy all day, every day and will cover most of your daily needs

It helps the good functioning of the intestine.

It can help reduce cholesterol because it contains a lot of unsaturated fats.

For all the days of the day plain or wherever else you want
The taste will fascinate you
Perfect for vegan kids

Store in a dry and cool place.