Tahini Emelia

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Nutrition facts per 100gr

Energy 595kcal
Proteins 17gr
Fat 53,7gr
Carbohydrates 21,19
Fibres 4,7

Minerals per 100gr

Iron(fe) 8,95mg
Calcium (Ca) 426mg
Magnesium (Mg) 95mg
Phosphorus (P) 732mg
Potassium (K) 414mg
Zinc (Z) 4,62mg
Copper (Cu) 1.61mg
Sodium (Na) 115mg
Selenium 34,4 mg


Thiamιn(Β1) 1,59 mg
Riboflavin(B2) 0.12mg
Niacin(B3) 5,67mg
Vit-B6 0,15mg
Follic acid 98mcg
Vitamin C 4.2mg
Vitamin A IU 67 IU

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Instructions for use

Consumed plain. It combines perfectly with molasses or honey.

Ideal material for bars, cookies, cakes, pancakes

Oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt

Hummus, salad dip, tahini soups,

Store in a cool, dry and shady place

Ingredients 100% shoulder sesame seeds

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