Sugar-free cereal bars

Sugar-Free Cereal Bars with Emelia molasses

Sugar-Free Cereal Bars! Healthy and delicious. There is no more ideal ingredient for creating a cereal bar than Emelia molasses. All the ingredients combine perfectly and give the product great nutritional value. With whatever you combine it with. All our Emelia cereal bars are suitable for vegan diets and people with diabetes, as they do not contain gluten. Finally, they don’t have sugar or a trace of preservatives. They also do not contain any added sweeteners or processed or chemical ingredients. All ingredients are pure and selected with high standards! The healthiest cereal bars without sugar!

Sugar-free cereal bars with Emelia molasses and cocoa

Raw, sugar-free energy bars from Emelia Fine Foods are rich in iron. Each 45g bar contains 2.5mg of iron. Made with pure ingredients, Emelia molasses, nuts, and dried fruits are its main ingredients. They are ideal snacks for children at school, before training, and during the day. They taste great. Be sure to try the energy bar with molasses and cocoa!


sugar-free cereal bars, with emelia

Sugar-free cereal bars with Molasses and Peanut Butter Emelia

Introducing another delectable creation from Emelia Fine Foods-our cereal bars. Crafted with Emelia molasses as the star ingredient, these bars offer a unique taste experience. The fusion of peanut butter, coconut, and vanilla adds a delightful twist. Almond and pumpkin seed protein provides an extra boost. Gluten-free oats contribute B vitamins and fiber, while cranberries bring in antioxidants. A truly delicious and healthy choice for those seeking sugar-free bars!

Sugar-free cereal bars with Molasses and Peanut Butter Emelia

You can choose it before or after training. It’s the perfect snack at any time of the day. The easiest and healthiest solution is to avoid junk food when you can’t have a regular meal during the day. It is ideal for all ages!

Tip: You can start your day with the Raw bar with Emelia and cocoa for breakfast and continue with Emelia and peanut butter for your tithe!

Sugar-free cereal bars with Molasses and Tahini Emelia

Raw energy bars with Emelia molasses and Emelia tahini! Healthy and very tasty! These cereal bars are rich in iron and calcium! They do not contain gluten and, of course, no sugar. They are suitable for children, vegan diets, and people with diabetes!

Sugar-Free Cereal Bars with Molasses and Tahini – Ingredients

Gluten-free oat flakes, Emelia tahini, Emelia molasses, dried apple, peanut, blond raisin, Ceylon cinnamon, salt.

Emelia cereal bars – Nutritional analysis per 45 grams

Energy 200 kcal, Carbohydrates 30g (of which sugar 12g), Proteins 4, Fat 7.5g of which saturated 1g, Vegetable Fiber 2.5%, Salt 0.4%, Iron (Fe) 2.5mg, Calcium 60mg.

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