Sugarcane Molasses Emelia

Emelia Molasses, Superfood – sugarcane molasses

Sugarcane Molasses Emelia has many benefits for our body and health. Analytically:

  • Due to its high iron content (11mg/100gr), Emelia molasses (vegan) is beneficial and necessary for people with Mediterranean anemia or low hematocrit. It increases the values ​​of iron, ferritin, and hematocrit without damaging the liver.
  • It helps to disappear the pallor of the face and the dark circles around the eyes (due to the lack of iron and potassium) with only two spoons daily for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • It offers immediate stimulation, thus reducing the feeling of fatigue.
  • It is ideal for menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, where the female body needs more iron and calcium. It also relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as headaches and fluid retention.
  • Sugarcane Molasses Emelia, a natural solution, can effectively treat hair loss caused by iron deficiency. Its unique properties also aid in healthy hair growth, preventing premature graying.

Consumption of sugarcane molasses Emelia

The recommended daily intake of molasses is two tablespoons. Alternatively, you can consume two Emelia sticks. Preferably, you can consume half of the amount in the morning. To achieve maximum iron absorption, we recommend combining it with foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange juice.

**Nutritionists and doctors recommend sugarcane Molasses Emelia!

Sugarcane Molasses Emelia - Health Benefits

Health: It shields the body with total polyphenols (9mg/100gr), strong antioxidants known for their anti-cancer activity. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help with rheumatoid arthritis.

The skin: Sugarcane molasses Emelia, with its high elastin content, acts as natural collagen, promoting joint and skin health. Its role in skin cell hydration and natural regeneration is significant. It also aids in the fight against acne and the healing of acne scars, instilling confidence in its effectiveness.

The intestine: Sugarcane molasses Emelia solves the problem of constipation when consumed daily. (vegan)

Bones: Bones prevent osteoporosis and contribute to the proper development of children’s bones and tissues due to calcium.

Liver: Molasses helps our body eliminate toxins from the liver and related diseases. Thus, it restores the cells to their original state.

The lungs: It has an expectorant effect, facilitating the elimination of phlegm.

Brain: Molasses not only stimulates memory and concentration but also contributes to stress reduction and promotes a good mood. Its vitamin B6 and magnesium content are known to have mood-enhancing properties, offering a ray of hope for those struggling with stress and mood disorders.

The reproductive system: Helps with erectile dysfunction and fertility. It also boosts libido.

Appetite: Reduces anorexia by preventing hormonal and organic damage because molasses provides essential minerals.

Cholesterol: Helps reduce high cholesterol levels while increasing good HDL cholesterol.


“Your medicine is your food; your food is your medicine!” This ancient wisdom perfectly encapsulates the holistic health benefits of molasses, making it a comprehensive health solution for various health issues.

Sugarcane molasses Emelia - Its nutritional value. Emelia Molasses contains:

B Vitamins

Sugarcane Molasses Emelia, the healthiest sweetener

Sugar cane has provided sugar since ancient times, before being supplanted by sugar beet in the early 19th century. Sugarcane molasses Emelia is a primary derivative of sugar cane. Sweetens without the effects of white beet sugar; it is natural, not a chemical sweetener. It also does not come from genetically modified foods. It has a low glycemic index (50), unlike other sweeteners such as maltodextrin (150), glucose (100), corn syrup (75), white sugar (65), and honey (50-75), which means it has a slow metabolic release and does not spike blood sugar levels as much as the above carbohydrates.

sugarcane molasses emelia, 350 gr

How to use sugarcane molasses Emelia

Sugarcane molasses Emelia is a versatile ingredient, lending its unique flavor to a wide range of recipes. It’s a perfect match for confectionery, adding a delightful touch to sweets and pastries like bread, cakes, pretzels, and bars. It also shines in culinary applications, enhancing the taste of sweet and sour sauces, red sauces, marinades, and salads. No matter the recipe, Emelia molasses is sure to elevate the flavor profile.

It combines perfectly with juices, smoothies, tea, milk, yogurt, cereals, tahini, and coffee.

It is ideal for children, plain or mixed with their favorite products (cake or homemade hazelnut praline).

It can be added to cocoa beans or cocoa for those who love chocolate.

Advice – Tip:
Molasses and how much: Half the amount of molasses is required for the corresponding amount of sugar indicated in the recipe.

Sugarcane Molasses Emelia - part of your diet

Emelia molasses is suitable for dieters because:

It does not fatten and does not create cellulite. It contains natural sugars, which are completely absorbed by the body without being stored as fat. On the contrary, it increases the rate of metabolism, accelerates burning, and thus contributes to the reduction of fat.
A single spoonful or a stick of Emelia molasses satisfies our natural need for sweets, immediately and also long-term, since it fills the body’s stores with the necessary glucose. It causes a feeling of satiety and satisfies our need for sweets naturally. Thus, we crave less and less sugar, with the result that hypoglycemic attacks and the risk of obesity and the diseases it causes, such as diabetes, are reduced.
It can stop the desire for junk food. It causes a feeling of satiety.
It has 15 calories per teaspoon.

**Experimental results presented at the Society for the Study of Eating Behavior (SSIB) of the United States show that supplementing with molasses extract can reduce weight and fat and regulate blood leptin levels. Additional studies have shown that consuming molasses increases energy (calorie) excretion and increases gene expression for liver and fat cell biomarkers that control energy metabolism.

Sugarcane Molasses Emelia - Diabetes

Sugarcane molasses Emelia can help people predisposed to diabetes mellitus or be included in the diet of people with diabetes, always with the advice of a nutritionist-doctor, because it has a moderate glycemic index, is metabolized slowly and stabilizes blood sugar levels due to the polyphenols that contain. Thus, it does not fluctuate insulin levels and prevents hypoglycemia. Due to its chromium content, Emelia molasses enhances the glucose tolerance factor. At the same time, it supports the action of enzymes responsible for glucose metabolism into energy.

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